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ssp manu maharaj ( singham of patna worked very hard to fight the cheating and leaking of exam papers scam) rank around 89; mahesh Ips rank 33; hari prasad ips rank 65; v laxminarayan cse rank 1 ( 1990) i do not know more who chose IPS! SORRY FOR LESS INFO.Tags: bhojpuri updates bhojpuri news bihar news manu maharaj singham real life singham dabangg cop ips manu maharaj bihar crime Bihar News Bihar Ips Manu mahraaj Latest Bhojpuria News Hit Movie Latest Bhojpuria Movie Hit Movie Bhojpuria latest Bhojpuria Movie hit Movie# BhojpuriaNews manu maharaj ips history

Manu Maharaj is the SSP of Patna. Not only criminals have fear for him, but the policemen also have to bear the burnt for any dereliction of duty. In more than one occasions, Manu Maharaj has suspended the entire policemen posted at a Police Station in Patna.

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Of the serving IPS officers, most, except Patna senior SP Manu Maharaj, have not fired from their service revolvers. But then, Manu (2005 batch) is an encounter specialist. (With additional inputs by

Manu Maharaj was awarded the Police medal for gallantry on the occasion of Republic Day in 2016. The Patna supercop is also known to secretly patrol the city streets on bike wearing mask. This lionhearted cop with an excellent track record against criminals has made him the messiah of the masses.

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An IPS officer of 2005 batch Manu Maharaj who was removed from Senior Police Superintendent of Patna following stampede during Dussehra festival, has been made Senior Police Superintendent of

Manu Maharaj attracted attention of Nitish Kumar from his early days in the state. He is from Himachal Pradesh and is firmly apolitical. His decisions dont show a modicum of biasness.

History. Patna is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world, and policing in Patna is more than 3000 years old. Today. As of December 2015, Patna Police is commanded by Senior Superintendent of Police, Manu Maharaj, who is an IPS officer.

26 SPs shifted; Manu Maharaj is SSP, Patna In a major reshuffle in the state police, the government on Monday transferred as many as 60 IPS officers just two days before the Holi festival, a rare

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