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Bhaskara is also known as Bhaskara II or as Bhaskaracharya, this latter name meaning Bhaskara the Teacher . Since he is known in India as Bhaskaracharya we will refer to him throughout this article by that name. Bhaskaracharya's father was a Brahman named Mahesvara.How can the answer be improved? history of bhaskara mathematician

Bhaskara already dealt with the assertion that if p is a prime number, then 1 (p1)! is divisible by p. [dubious discuss [citation needed It was proved later by AlHaitham, also mentioned by Fibonacci, and is now known as Wilson's theorem. Moreover, Bhaskara stated theorems about the solutions of today so called Pell equations.

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Mathematics. Some of Bhaskara's contributions to mathematics include the following: A proof of the Pythagorean theorem by calculating the same area in two different ways and then canceling out terms to get a 2 b 2 c 2. In Lilavati, solutions of quadratic, cubic

Bhaskara II, also known as Bhaskara or as Bhaskaracharya, was a 12th century Indian mathematician. He was also a renowned astronomer who accurately defined many astronomical quantities, including the length of the sidereal year.

Bhaskara I: Bhaskara I, Indian astronomer and mathematician who helped to disseminate the mathematical work of Aryabhata (born 476). Little is known about the life of Bhaskara; I is appended to his name to distinguish him from a 12thcentury Indian astronomer of the same name.

Biography of Bhaskara: From the earliest times, with Aryabhata (born 476), Brahmagupta (598) and other illustrious mathematicians, there had taken place in India a remarkable development of arithmetic and algebra. The 12th century stands out the figure of Bhaskara, also called Acharya, that is, the Master. Biography of Bhaskara

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Bhskara II, also called Bhskarcrya or Bhaskara the Learned, (born 1114, Biddur, Indiadied c. 1185, probably Ujjain), the leading mathematician of the 12th century, who wrote the first work with full and systematic use of the decimal number system.

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