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Discus throwing emerged in ancient Greece around 708 B. C. , when the sport was added to the 18th Olympiad, says Olympia Greece. Discus was part of the pentathlon, which also included jumping, wrestling, running and javelin.London 1948 5000m (M) Seoul 1988 Discus throw (W) Sydney 2000 400m (W) Rio 2016 4x100m (M) INTRODUCTION Athletics was on the programme of the Games of the I discus throw brief history

Discus Throw Objective The athlete needs to throw a discus of 1 to 2Kg into the air as far as possible within the prescribed zone by remaining inside a circular area of 2. 5m diameter. If the discus lands beyond the boundaries of the zone then the throw is counted as invalid.

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The Discus Throw dates back to the ancient Greek Olympic Games. Learn about the history and records set in modern competition.

Discus Throw A Brief History Discus Throw can be traced back into the ancient Greece, where in the Olympiad games this sport was used to be organized to judge the physical strength of the athletes.

The winner of the shot put Olympic gold medal in 1896 was Bob Garrett of the USA with a throw of 11. 22 m. The current mens shot put world record holder is Randy Barnes of the USA, who had an outdoor throw of 23. 12 m.

The discus throw (pronunciation) is a track and field event in which an athlete throws a heavy disccalled a discusin an attempt to mark a farther distance than his or her competitors. It is an ancient sport, as demonstrated by the fifthcenturyBC Myron statue, Discobolus.

Discus throw, sport in athletics (track and field) in which a diskshaped object, known as a discus, is thrown for distance. In modern competition the discus must be thrown from a circle 2. 5 metres (8. 2 feet) in diameter and fall within a 40 sector marked on the ground from the centre of the circle.

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Throwing sports, or throwing games, are physical, human competitions where the outcome is measured by a player's ability to throw an object. The two primary forms are throwing from distance and throwing at a given target or range. The four most prominent throwing for distance sports are in track and field: shot put, discus, javelin, and the hammer throw. Targetbased sports have two main genres: bowling and

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For the only time in Olympic Games history, there is a throwoff in the discus final after Americans Martin Sheridan& Ralph Rose tie with a best throw of

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