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The Plantation of Ulster was the organised colonisation of Ulster. Ulster is a province of Ireland. People from Scotland and England were sent by the English government to live there. This started at the beginning of the 17th century, from 1606. It was colonised to stop the people living in the area fighting against the English rule.The Great Plantation in Ulster, from 'The Scot in Ulster: Sketch of the History of the Scottish Population of Ulster by John Harrison, 1888. home; history; If James had enlisted the men of the northwest of England to aid in the settlement of Ulster, as he did the people of the southwest of Scotland, the history of Ulster would have been ulster plantation people in history

The plantation you learn the most about is the Ulster plantation. English settlers were moved to different counties in Ulster, where they claimed the land for their king and started to build new towns, such as Londonderry, and develop towns such as Donegal.

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The Ulster Scots (UlsterScots: UlstrScotch), also called Ulster Scots people (UlstrScotch fowk) or, outside the British Isles, ScotsIrish (ScotchAirisch), are an ethnic group in Ireland, found mostly in the province of Ulster and to a lesser extent in the rest of Ireland.

The Ulster Plantation was the most extensive and comprehensive of England's Plantations in Ireland.

Some lands were kept for building towns. There were very few towns in Ulster before the plantation. By 1611, the development of new towns such as Bangor and Belfast had begun. Some towns were built around the forts which the English had built, such as Derry, Enniskillen and Omagh.

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Through essays, audio, photographs and interactive maps you can discover how the Plantation transformed Gaelic Ulster.

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